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Our services continue to evolve and grow, along with our commitment and dedication to help businesses manage and secure their information online.



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CONSOL DIGITAL SERVICES is located in the heart of Indian IT HUB, Chennai, India.

A very talented team of young people behind this fast-growing organization. The team is presently involved in delivering prepress services such as copyediting, indexing, editorial proofreading, and typesetting to high-end customers. We have built a very strong and binding relationship with our clients and employees, grown out of our dedication to develop long-lasting relationships. We ensure that the services delivered are of the best quality, while also valuing your time and understanding the importance of meeting deadlines. Customer satisfaction and generation of error-free documents are our two commandments.

We are experts in handling both Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) books and assure you that your manuscripts are in safe hands when they are with us. We understand the authors’/publishers’ needs and special requirements and their efforts involved in publishing a book and share the same passion in getting the book published to perfection within the stipulated time.

Editorial Services

Copyediting is the art of editing one’s work so as to remove spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors and at the same time improve overall sentence structure, leaving the core content of the work untouched. This kind of editing is vital for any document, be that a novel or a job resume

Engrossed in the creation of their content, it is nearly impossible for authors to catch every mistake in their work, or detect everything that could be improved. Here is where CDS steps in and offer a second pair of eyes to improve your invaluable copy.

Let our experienced copy editors fix your copy be that errors in spelling, grammar, continuity, flow, or punctuation. Our copy editors will critically read the text and check all elements word by word to fix errors. With years of experience and sharply honed copyediting skills we are sure that our copy editors will meet your expectations.

Our team of cross-disciplinary copy editors provide a solid support to your peer-reviewed manuscript as CDS expertly handles virtually all kinds of books, high-impact journals, and major reference works (MRWs) (and other media, too). This includes various disciplines as diverse as agriculture science, arts and humanities, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics and business, engineering, environmental sciences, geosciences, material science, mathematics, medicine, physics, social science, general reading, law, popular science, and public health. Thus, our editorial services cover not only the STM disciplines but also humanities and social sciences, and arts. Therefore, it is very obvious that CDS offers a full range of cost-effective and versatile editorial services to our prestigious clients worldwide. Our copy editors are highly qualified in their respective fields and therefore ensure that extra bit of advantage to the authors, by understanding their point of view and hence empower them to make an even greater impact in disseminating knowledge in their specializations. Our copy editors are highly proficient in handling complex style aspects, as well as editing for grammar, and substantive editing, wherever required.

Apart from the standard copyediting services, we also offer high-quality editorial services such as substantive editing to our esteemed clients.

Typesetting Services

CDS prepress services provide customized solutions for your entire production flow, that is, from template execution to release—for-print for both conventional and digital products. We typeset with ease irrespective of complexity: from one-color to four-color and also manage a wide gamut of state-of the-art applications based on industry-standard platforms such as:

• InDesign • LaTeX • 3B2 • QuarkXpress

Our typesetting team at CDS works in tandem with our prestigious clients to select the most preferred design and hence optimize the repurposing requirements. CDS in-house team’s core strength lies in its highly experienced and knowledgeable experts with rich experience who are very much capable of generating multiplatform deliveries based on a single output such as:

• MS Word • Application files • LaTeX • XML • Hard copy

Based on our composition services, we assure you the following advantages: Completely Portable Formats Every composition project we generate is promptly delivered in a format that is highly portable, thereby allowing the file to be the output in the format you desire, such as PC, MAC (InDesign, LaTeX, WORD Pagination, Quark, FrameMaker, 3B2), etc. Smooth Project Management Our specialized project management team at CDS works very closely with our clients right from the planning stages of your project so as to develop a snag-free and competent approach to create the ultimate desired product you picture. Time and Cost Effective Our experts at CDS know how to optimize the various composition tools to deliver your project precisely as you want it, on time, within budget, and with complete confidentiality.

e book Conversion Services

The objective of fixed layout platform on which ePub 3.0 is built on attempts to rectify some issues that arise in the standard ePub 2.0 format. If a basic print document that is presently available in ePub 2.0 format needs to be converted to the more robust ePub 3.0 format, then the fixed layout is the platform on which we do it.

• High-quality graphic designs such as children’s books, cookbooks, comic books, art books, and magazines, where the focus is on images and graphics obviously require a fixed layout format for e-books. Such e-books can maintain the same layout and design as their print book equivalent. However, such e-books can also contain other advanced features that can make them more interesting. • The fixed layout format provides the flexibility of retaining the original layout and design as the print version. In other words, as the ePub 3.0 specification document says, “Content presentation should adapt to the user rather than the user having to adapt to a particular representation of content.”

The largest e-books retailers – Apple, Amazon, B&N, and Kobo – have introduced their own unique fixed layout e-book file formats. Most of the children’s e-books are in the fixed layout format. Amazon and B&N do not support nonfiction, but Apple’s format can be used for art books, cookbooks, pamphlets, and other books that need to attain their novel layout. Kobo supports the Apple’s format for the most part. Fixed Layout e-Books from CDS

A team of seasoned and knowledgeable programmers ably supported by creative designers at CDS work round the clock and guarantee that your specialized content is presented in the same manner in the digital format with more interactive features added into it. Further, ePub 3.0 offers the unique zooming facility of both the text and images at the same resolution retaining the original page layout. This feature therefore ensures that the user has full control over the page layout.

The team of professionals at CDS is well equipped and highly flexible in adapting to the technical requirements of all eReaders and Tablets. The team at CDS is customer-specific and is well trained to handle the customer’s needs by providing all the necessary support so that their content can be enriched. The programmers and designers, who are a part of the R&D team at CDS, have worked tirelessly and have come up with an enviable automation process that reduces the production time by almost 75% thereby reducing the turnaround time for the delivery of books. Days of hard labor and constant innovation by the team at CDS has pivoted them to an enviable position in ensuring provision of one single price for all formats in spite of the fact that each device has a specific format. Interactive e-Books

Interactive e-Books – Bring your e-Book content to life In recent times, there has been an increasing demand for “Interactive e-Books”. Video and audio enhancements are not the only things that are possible with an interactive e-book, but you can do so many more other things that can make your e-book unique and special. Here are few points that detail on why publishers should go in for the more advanced interactive e-book. Days of hard labor and constant innovation by the team at CDS has pivoted them to an enviable position in ensuring provision of one single price for all formats in spite of the fact that each device has a specific format. • During the conversion process, it will be less expensive to create an interactive e-book than to reconvert any of the first-generation e-books to an interactive version. • Interactive e-books provide an opportunity to publishers to capture entirely new markets. It can help publishers reach out to that population who are visually impaired. By making use of certain functionalities enhanced, e-books can also help those with dyslexia. It can also help people who do not have a mastery over the English language. • Children’s books, textbooks, historical texts, and nonfiction which are meant for educational purpose can help us better by absorbing the content with a lot more vibrant information

XML Services

To date, XML, in the publishing industry, is widely considered as an input to convert into a compatible format of the latest technologies such as Tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. With years of experience, we at CDS assist our clients to select the most complementary technology to meet their expectations in managing XML workflows. Our technical personnel are highly experienced in working with an array of standard applications that include InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX, FrameMaker, and QuarkXPress, thereby assimilating these within the XML-based production processes. We also employ a gamut of DTDs and schemas for various document types as required. Our DTD (Document Type Definition) and schema development specialists provide customized solutions for both print and electronic publishing. Based on scrutinizing your project requirements for developing, upgrading, and documenting DTD or schema, we craft well-structured, proficient and most preferred end-products.

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